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Notices/Request for Bids

Annual Posting of Regular Board Meetings of the Clitherall Township Town Board of Supervisors for 2021

The town board of Clitherall Township, Otter Tail County, Minnesota holds its regular scheduled board meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at Battle Lake City Hall located at 108 Main St E, Battle Lake, MN 56515. If a meeting cannot be held as scheduled because it conflicts with a holiday or another day in which a meeting cannot be held, the meeting will be held the following week on the same day of the week, time, and place.  The following are dates on which the regular board meetings are scheduled to occur in 2021 and reflect any changes due to conflicts:

  • January 13th
  • February 13th
  • March 10th
  • April 14th
  • May 12th
  • June 9th
  • July 14th
  • August 11th
  • September 8th
  • October 13th
  • November 10th
  • December 8th

If a regular meeting cannot be held on the date, time, or place listed above, notice of the date time, and place of when and where the meeting will be held will be posted at least three days before the day of the meeting.

Contact Jaden Witt, Township Clerk, at 218-205-0886 or with any questions.

Township of Clitherall
Jaden Witt, Clerk
Posted 01/04/2021
Updated 05/012/2021

Notice: Meeting of the Clitherall Township Board

Date:04/07/201 Wednesday
Time:6:00 pm
Location:Battle Lake City Hall
Purpose:Reorganization Meeting

Jaden Witt, Clerk

Notice: Meeting of the Clitherall Township Board

Date:04/15/201 Thursday
Time:6:00 pm
Location:Battle Lake City Hall
Purpose:Special Meeting – Award crack filling contract

Jaden Witt, Clerk

Notice: Meeting of the Clitherall Township Board

Date:04/03/2021 Saturday
Time:10:00 am
Location:Battle Lake Laundromat
Purpose:Road Inspection

Jaden Witt, Clerk

Notice: Meeting of the Clitherall Township Board

Date:04/07/201 Wednesday
Time:7:00 pm
Location:Battle Lake City Hall
Purpose:Regular Monthly Meeting

Jaden Witt, Clerk

Clitherall Township Request for Quotes 2021

Gravel Specs 2021

4000-5000 yards of gravel, Class 1 preferred ${per yard}. Specifications:

Percent passing No. 200 sieve from 3-10. The binder, minus 200 sieve, shall be clay, not silt or black dirt. Proof is required that the rock be fractured. Alternative Class 5.

Mowing Specs 2021

Mowing in right-of-way, one 7’ foot pass, ${mile}

Spraying of Noxious Specs 2021

Spraying of noxious weeds in right-of-way, ${per mile}

Tree and Brush Specs 2021

Tree and brush removal in right-of-way, {hourly rate}

Gravel Quotes must be submitted by March 10th to P.O. Box 667 Battle Lake, MN 56515

All other Quotes must be submitted by May 12th to P.O. Box 667 Battle Lake, MN 56515

Clitherall Township Veterans Park

Clitherall Township is planning to build a park to honor all township residents that have served or are currently serving our country through military service whether they served at home or abroad. We are in need of names of service member, branch of service, dates of service and if they served in a war, which war.

We are also looking for donations to fund our park. If you are interested in contributing please contact Clinton Bengtson, Committee Chair, at 218-280-7560.

Thank you.


Clitherall Township meeting notices, minutes and reports are published on this site. If you have further questions, please contact a board member.

Clitherall Township Veteran’s Park

At the Clitherall Township 2019 Annual Meeting a motion was passed to dedicate a portion of the land owned by the township at the corner of State Highway 78 and 190th Street as a Veteran’s Park for the purpose of honoring the veterans that live and have lived in Clitherall Township. That motion was also passed by the Clitherall Township Board at their regular meeting on March 14, 2019.

As the oldest township in Otter Tail County, Clitherall Township strives to preserve its heritage and honor it’s residents, with this project we are honoring our veterans, whether they have passed away or are still living.

Clinton Bengtson has agreed to serve as chair person of the Veteran’s Park Committee and is currently working to procure funding for the project. NO township levy money will be used to build the park. It will be fully funded by donations. The total cost of the project is projected to be approximately $10,000.00. Christensen Construction are donating their time and equipment to build an approach and to level off the site. If you are interested in donating to this project or if you have the name of a veteran that lived or is living in Clitherall Township, please let Clinton Bengtson know.

Please send donations to:
Clitherall Township Veteran’s Park
PO Box 667
Battle Lake, MN 56515